In England’s North Country you’ll find the scenic splendour of lakes and mountains, castles, dramatic coastlines and glorious National Parks.

Explore the great heritage cities of York and Chester. Escape to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. Relive the drama of Hadrian's Wall and Fountain's Abbey World Heritage Sites. Refresh your spirits in the lofty castles and humble fishing villages of the Heritage Coastline. Chill out in the cultural, creative cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. Walk from coast to coast. Fly to the magical Isle of Man. Cycle on the backbone of Britain. Climb England's highest mountain.

Highly picturesque, Berwick is the northernmost town in England, Steeped in history, and fascinating to explore on foot. It is built mainly of stone in grey to pinkish brown. The harbour has swans. The town is piled upon a peninsula at the mouth of the Tweed and it faces the river, rather than the sea.

Three great bridges connect it with Tweedmouth on the south side of the estuary: the low stone bridge with 15 arches of varying height and width, completed in 1634; the 1928 concrete span known as the Royal Tweed which has just had a recent facelift and the railway’s Royal Border with its 28 soaring arches, completed in 1850.

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The town is an entrancing sight from the Tweedmouth bank or the railway bridge. Tweedmouth keeps a feast on the Sunday after 18th July honouring St Boisil, a Saxon holy Man to whom the present St Bartholomew’s Church (1783) was dedicated at its founding in 1143. Today the ‘salmon queen’s’ coronation opens a week of events .

Colleges in Cumbria are now attracting a large number of students to the area ... and the number seems to be growing. The wide range of students that come here reflect the scope of courses on offer at the colleges dotted around Cumbria. Though you might not think it, Cumbria being a bit out of the way, there are all sorts of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, HNDs and professional and vocational qualifications to lure young and mature students to come here.

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