More than four million people live in the East Midlands, a region rich in both heritage and cultural diversity. And one that embraces change and challenge.

The East Midlands is the fourth largest region in England.

Where else in England can you spend the morning on a mountain plateau, and the afternoon freely imbibing minerals from a Roman spa? Enjoy a Human Spaceflight and move a one-tonne ball of granite with the touch of a hand? Explore caves once inhabited by Ice Age man, visit England's largest and finest Anglo-Saxon church or watch an osprey hunting trout?

The region's proximity to London has ensured it pride of place in the history of the making of England. Leicester's history dates back to Roman times. Later, it was one of the five Danelaw towns and was the traditional home of Shakespeare's tragic King Lear and his daughters.

The social reform movement born in 19th century Britain had an enormous impact on the Midlands. Unfortunately, WWII air raids undid much of the good work in many of the larger, industrial centres and post-war town planners completed the vandalism by designing the ring roads and motorways that virtually obliterated some of the region's finest old urban centres.

The East Midlands have a typically cold English climate in general, with higher rainfall in the summer months and few hours of sunshine in winter. The weather in winter, though oppressive, tends to be constant rather than extreme.

Leicester's appeal doesn't owe much to quaint physical charm. Instead, what draws people to this city is its palpable sense of excitement, largely a result of the diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures here.

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The city has overcome its rough past and turned into a socially and environmentally progressive melting pot. Modern Leicester has a substantial and vibrant Asian community, with Hindu, Muslim, Jain and Sikh temples aplenty. Many of the city's most interesting events are staged around festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Eid-ul-Fitr.

The Industrial Revolution made a major manufacturing centre out of the once sedate market town of Derby. Silk, china, railways and Rolls-Royce aircraft engines have all contributed to its fortunes. It may not demand an overnight stay, but it's a good daytrip for those interested in the history of English engineering and the bone china industry.

The varied and seductive scenery of the Peak District National Park rivals the scenic beauty of any where in the land. It is an enthralling mixture of limestone peaks and crags, silver rivers, lofty wooded areas, reservoirs, caves, caverns, lonely moor and gentle green valley's interspersed with ancient stone towns and villages showing relics of a rich industrial past.

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