Flat. That's the word that best describes East Anglia.

The level landscape imparts a sense of space and freedom, and also allows opportunities for easy walks and cycling. Much of that landscape was under water until several centuries ago; prodigious drainage projects from the Middle Ages onward have reclaimed land that was once best navigated in a flat-bottomed boat.

East Anglia has long been England's arable farming centre. The flat expanses of land are ideal for growing crops of wheat and barley. Leisure pursuits are also provided by this landscape, with the Fens and Broads an ideal setting for boating holidays. There are also many historical towns and cities such as the historic market town of Bedford the seaside ton of Maldon.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire form the bump on England's eastern side. The area is directly to the north of London, and has preserved much of its unspoilt character, rural landscape, architecture and traditions.

The region is particularly noted for its traditional market towns
and outstanding examples of historic architecture - flint, thatch and timber-framed buildings, plus fine country houses. There is also Britain's best collection of cathedrals and churches

Because of its proximity to London and the economic magnetism which that city exerts, many of East Anglia's settlements function as dormitory towns or villages where London workers raise their families. Essex, as one,is known for being the origin of the political term Essex man, and of the Essex girl joke.

East Anglia Universities and Colleges
The University of Essex
University of Hertfordshire
Oaklands College
West Herts College
Colchester English Study Centre

East Anglia

The pattern of settlement in this region is diverse. The London Green Belt has effectively prevented the further sprawl of the metropolis into the region, although it contains the new towns of Basildon and Harlow, originally developed to resettle Londoners following the destruction of London housing in World War II but since much expanded.

Part of the south east of the region already containing the major population centres of Southend and Thurrock, is within the Thames Gateway and designated for further development.

Students from all over the world study at the University of Essex and the English Study Centre, and - due to its excellent transport links - the town is very popular with visitors from the rest of Europe.

East Anglia Universities and Colleges
University of Luton
Middlesex University
Cranfield University
Bedford College
South East Essex College